Our Story

Because we value our health, we’re here to do what we do best – roll up our sleeves to get it done right.

A letter from our founders

As patients ourselves, we experienced first-hand how awkward and stressful - and not to mention expensive - a doctor's visit for highly sensitive conditions can be.

So we did what we knew best. We pulled together a bunch of talented individuals, brought in doctors with over 20 years of experience in women's health and we started Zoey.

Since then, we've been on a mission to make our discreet service accessible to all. We also knew how important privacy, speed and cost mattered to the patient experience so we designed our entire company around it - starting from our text-based consult to our free, discreet 4-hour delivery.

And ultimately, looking good, feeling good, and overall wellbeing is what health is all about. And we want to thank you for placing your trust in us, as we take on this journey together.

Here’s to the real win – good health

Ethel & SEAN